About Lou Lou

Welcome to Lou Lou Bio Hacking. This website dedicated to helping everyone but especially over 50’s find the health and wellness to keep them looking good and feeling young and energetic.

Initially I created this site because of my passion for skin care.  As I’ve  explored product options I came across an easy way to Bio Hack and look good on the inside as well as the outside .  Afterall our health and well being is much  more than skin deep.

In the last decade I have noticed that finding good health and looking good go hand in hand.  There are some secrets to sustaining your youthful self.  Little things you can do daily that are not time consuming,  just simple routine.

Looking good over 50 is a huge confidence booster.  You don’t need to accept getting old just because you’re heading toward or over 50.  What does that involve? There is so much advice out there, so how does anyone make the right decision on the products and the health path to choose?

Lou Lou Bio Hacking is dedicated to finding the most effective, cost efficient, natural health alternatives and skin care products.

Easy science based products to help you biohack,  Skin Care, Wellness  and supporting like minded people in their pursuit of a life style are some of the secrets that I have to share with you.

I hope you enjoy reading about my discoveries on my journey.

Lou Lou