Skin Care for Everyone

No matter who you are! Male or Female, young or middle age by following a few simple steps each day and investing in great products you will look better. When we are young its easy to think you have time to change things if you start to get wrinkles. By then, it is really too late.

Looking after your skin when you are young will reward you when you are over 50.

When should you start?

If you’ve read the ‘about me page’ you will know by now that I started caring for my skin when I was quite young. Like 11 or 12. I personally think it was a good thing. I created life long habits of caring for my skin. For example no matter how tired I feel if I’ve gone out I always take my makeup off and use either my night mask or I moisturize in some way before retiring. Cleaning and moisturising your face at bedtime is like brushing your teeth before you go to bed. So to you Mum’s and Dad’s out there. Consider investing in some products that are relatively clean or think about making your own like I’ve explained in the DIY post. Help your kids now! to start the routine of caring for their skin. Especially if you have girls that want to start wearing make up early.

But what about you?

It’s not too late! Technology can help!

If you feel it is too late for you now and you have already aged perhaps your skin is a little tired, don’t despair! Today’s technology is here to help and it will definitely make you look younger. I mainly use two brands to support my skin care. I find them both highly effective and see a noticeable difference between my skin and those that do not care for their skin. Neora is a high tech skin care company that has invested millions into research and development. Their products are aimed at helping those who have aged to turn back the clock. I’ve seen the transformation on friends who have used it and it is quite amazing the difference in less than a week.

The changes will be dramatic!

Sometime back I encouraged my sister to use Neora night cream. She lives lives along way from me so I didn’t see the change happening slowly. About two months after she started using it we met up again. I was shocked at the difference it had made to her skin! Her face looked hydrated and much tighter. It is imperative if you begin using this product to take a before and after photo’s. Then every couple of weeks take another shot and compare. It’s a lot of fun and keeps you motivated to invest in yourself. It is so cool to be able to look back and then realize how  your skin is changing and the way you now look. However, if you are still young and have no wrinkles or sagging skin I recommend caring for you skin in a different way.

Nature at its best. Ancient Wisdom!

do Terra is a natural alternative to skin care. They have created a skin care range based on Essential oils that realistically have been around for thousands of years. Oils like Frankincense and Lavender are my favorites. do Terra have moisturisers, cleansers, night creams and days creams. I use the invigorating scrub in the shower and Salubelle oil every day in my skin care regime. Essential oils have so many uses around your home. My focus on this site is to promote skin care. If you are looking for natural daily products do Terra is an awesome option. Read about Salubelle here and how it will support your skin. I know some of you will be wanting to have the cleanest products you can to put on your skin. By clean, I mean without additives. Well besides the fact you can put cucumber on your eyes as a soothing routine and use sugar as a scrub! I recommend going down the DIY path. It’s the only way you can truly trust that the products you are using do not have additives.

Where to from here!

Whatever skin products you prefer to use. The key ingredient is love. Self love will motivate you to care for the largest organ you have and that is your skin. So….

Don’t skimp on your skin!!!!!

Great Skin – Over 50 needs to be earned!

Lou Lou Skin
Picture of Lou Lou

It’s rare that anyone who doesn’t look after their skin will have good skin after this age.  All is not lost though if your skin is looking a little tired.  With today’s technology you can turn back the clock on your skin by using a few products that are very effective.

So what are The Best Skin Care Products – Over 50’s women and men?

I’ve been using age defying products now for the last few years and can’t believe the difference when I look back at photo’s prior to using night masks and oils.

Skin care needs to be a very simple regime! 

Why because most of us won’t or can’t spend a lot of time applying lots of products. I use only a few products in my skin care regime.

Just a few simple steps to glowing, smooth skin.

  1. I scrub my face every couple of days in the shower with an  Invigorating scrub this product can be used all over your body if you wish.
  2. I use a night cream (which is like a mask) at night and it does an amazing job on my skin while I sleep. This product is the most effective cream I have ever used.  
  3. In the morning after I wash off the mask I use Salubelle oil and then Neora Age IQ day moisturizer after the oil has soaked in about 10 minutes later.
  4. If I wear makeup or sometimes in winter if I find my skin is less hydrated I skip the scrub and use  AGE IQ  moisturising cleanser.

That’s all!

Its a simple to follow routine using as natural as can be using effective products.

Not sure where to start.

If I had to choose one thing to begin with it would be Neora AGE IQ night cream (mask))

 Neora Night Cream is highly recomended I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and my skin has never looked as good as this since age 40. 

Would you like a free 4 day sample of Neora Night Cream?

Tell me which area of your face you would like to treat. Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

Check out the before and After Photos.

Taken May 2017

Lou Lou Skin
Taken Nov 2019

How long should you give your new skin care regime time to work?  Read this independent article.

Neora Products – What makes them so effective? Is

Do you want to try the Best Skin Care product for over 50’s?


If we go to the trouble of spending time and money on looking good then we need to find products that actually work.  There are so many snake oils out there that claim they work. But other than making your skin look more hydrated they do nothing else.

I began using Neora or Nerium as it was called back then in 2017.  Introduced to me by a friend as I needed a passion.  I was stunned at the changes in my skin.  I used it for around 12 months and then I stopped. Since then another friend had some of the night cream left over as she found she was a bit too lazy at night to use it.  I bought it off her and began using this product again.  2nd time round I’m still amazed at the difference in my skin.  I’ll not stop again and I’m so excited this time I’m shouting it from the roof tops. You have nothing to loose by trying it as Neora offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Neora has scientific laboratories where they have tried and tested their products.  There are a number of registered ingredients in each product that actually work.

Here is what they say!



SAL-14 is a botanical blend featuring the antioxidants bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to help the skin appear firmer and more youthful. Bidens pilosa is an herbaceous plant found in South America that has been shown to have effects similar to retinol products, but without irritating the skin.


Found in IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield, PhytoLumina is a proprietary blend of the plant bioactives alpinia o icinarum root extract, physalis pubescens fruit juice and bidens pilosa, which helps skin look radiant and brighter.


A proprietary blend that mimics your skin’s natural barrier to form a clear shield that blocks out blue rays and environmental stressors.


Developed by Princeton University Professor Dr. Jeffry Stock, this patented, age-fighting ingredient includes an organic phytol compound that acts as a super antioxidant and skin protectant, mimicking and boosting the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism.


This exclusive ingredient, derived from white lily and Brazilian ginseng, reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.


Developed by Princeton University Professor Dr. Jeffry Stock, this patent-pending ingredient reduces the signs of ageing around the eye, keeping skin supple and smooth.

Neora offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not seeing the results you want.

Check out my Before and After Photo’s


Try before you buy?

Would you like to try a free 4 day sample of Night Cream?
Comment below.

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My Skin Care Journey

How it began

Growing up I was the youngest of 4 children and my only sister was 10 years older than me.  Of course this meant everything she was doing in her teens had a huge impact on me as a child.  So when she used skin care products and makeup like all girls her age did, I pretty much thought,’ this is for me too’! Thus by around 11 or 12 years old I had begun using cleansers, astringents (toners were called that back then) and moisturizers.  Did I need to? Of course not but the best thing about all this was I began life long habits that certainly impacted how I cared for my skin for the rest of my life.

When Should you start caring for your skin

I can’t remember the exact age but long before the internet I read about these beautiful natural products in a girls magazine.  You might remember the one we all read back then in Australia ‘Dolly Magazine’.  Yeah, it was every girls favourite. The products were Yve Rocher.  Do you remember them? Don’t forget because they are still with us today. Now that’s saying something.  As I was creating this site I felt it appropriate to give them another go.  I love what I use now but to be fair not everyone will want/or can spend  on their skin. So I thought I might give them a whirl and see what they are like by today’s standards.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when the box showed up.  These products are still lovely especially for the price tag.

My kids have grown up but I will encourage my grand daughter when the time comes to begin caring for her skin before she is a teenager.  She already wears her Mums makeup.  So I think this box of goodies I’ve just bought from Yves Rocher will be just the thing for when she is old enough to begin a skin care routine.

Skin care for over 50’s is more than skin deep

Between then (when I was 12 years old) and now I have tried so many different products ranging from inexpensive ones which are pretty much just Sorbolene to really expensive products from the David Jones skin care department.  There have been a few lovely ones but the nothing compares to the results I have seen by using Neora products.  My skin is smoother, there is less pigmentation and the reduction of wrinkles and sagging is astounding.  To top it off there is no injecting and its simple to use. Of course this is not just about products as you know. Caring for your skin requires good diet, exercise, loosing extra pounds and a healthy mind and body.

Check out the before and after photos.

This photo was taken in May 2017

find the secret to looking good over 50 This one November 2019.  You can see my skin has an even tone and less sagging around the neck and jaw line.