How to work from home with a online business

So many people these days are looking for the alternative to the Nine to Five type work. Here you are one of those people searching for the answer.

This question though of how to work from home with a online business? Really should be answered by those without bias or personal motive. Now, unfortunately for you the reader, this just isn’t going to happen.

To be fair I must disclose my motive for writing this blog. I want to work from home with a online business. I hope you will read my blog and say to yourself, “yep! she knows what she’s talking about and I think its the truth”. So here is my story and its the truth but have a read and you decide?

Firstly if this heading sounds a bit strange (i.e. it should say an online business) I want you to understand a key factor in what has brought you here today. You the searcher and reader of all things Google, Bing or Yahoo have typed this into your search engine. And I, the person who is working from home with my online business. Well, I have learned how to search for the key phrases like the one you just typed in. Now you may ask! How did I find out about this online stuff? Well let me tell you my story.

How to work from home with a website – My Story

A few years back I broke my foot and was forced to stay at home for 6 weeks while I recovered. Subsequently I had time on my hands and thought now would be a good time for me to learn something new. So began the journey of trying to find the best job to do while working from home. I was over getting up at the crack of dawn and rushing around trying to get to work on time. And for that matter having to drive so dam far every day.

Long story short in the end I paid $11,000 to a company that had ‘ready made’ online stores for sale. It came with the promise of, ‘We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to make money online by running a website store’! Did they deliver the goods? Yes, mostly they did. But I was left wanting. Why? I realised this company focused on teaching its clients about Facebook advertising. Now don’t get me wrong Facebook works for some but I found it very expensive and unless you’ve got a masters in marketing, it feels like you are pushing a heavy load up a hill.

The sad thing for me was, they didn’t teach me anything about Search Engine Optimization. Remember we discussed this topic at the start? Well let me tell you that was a very big short fall in their education. I had to learn the hard way. I bought Yoast. This is a very good program that plugs into your website. It tells you how your going with your optimizing. So I became the owner of a very busy store called Budget Furniture Online. That is my first attempt at working on a website from home.

Just recently I became aware that I needed to build another website. Not the type to get bitten twice. I started searching for another way to build one. In my search I found a company claiming to teach you quite a few things. Aspects of online marketing that I know I still needed to learn. So here is what they claim.

Firstly how to build your very own website in minutes.

As well as teaching you how to write informative blogs.

But most of all it was the how to be an expert at optimization.

Now that got my attention! Well after my last experience I just had to take a look this company.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

They definitely delivered what they promised me. You’re now on my new website that I’ve build from scratch. Is what they promise all you need? As a person starting out. I thinks so! If you are lost in the training. Then the community that this platform provides will give you the answers if you are not able to find it in the training yourself. Plus you just search the training and you will find the answers. I’ve had to do that a few times. Also you will have access to technical support and your sponsor.

Now you’re probably thinking. But I had previous experience so it would be easy for me to build a site from scratch. Not so! and here’s why.

Short steps to working from home.

Remember my first site I bought was already made. I just had to add products and learn about word press. So this time I decided to put my “I don’t know anything” hat back on and learn all over again just so I could really hone my skills. And this is what I found.

  • Does Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to build a site in minutes? Yes, you will have a site in minutes but it won’t be a working site yet.
  • Will you learn to write blogs? Yes but it won’t make you a great writer. This is your responsibility not theirs.
  • Will you learn how to optimize your new website? Yes, but you must write blogs regularly. Then you will also know how to find the best key words to focus on.

I’m happy to say if you give it the time. It won’t take long and you will be writing and optimizing. That’s when you will start to get visitors to your new website. You know, the one you are passionate about.

So do you still want to learn how to work form home with a laptop?

Don’t be fooled by the pictures of people sitting on beaches supposedly working away. It could be you one day but by then you probably should flick the laptop and enjoy the holiday. Yes, its important to realise that working from home is exactly that. Work! Is it fun? I love it and I’m getting better at it every day. You can too.

Click on my Wealthy Affiliate link and check it out for yourself. It costs as little as: Free or up to about $35 a month. Once I was sure this company filled my needs I paid for a year up front which works out to be $29.00 a month. A bargain compared to $11,000 plus plus that I had to spend to get my first website up and running. That $29.00 includes hosting your website and enough plug ins (programs) to get you up and running with all the self paced education and technical support.

Do yourself a favor. Follow these very simple steps if you want to work at home and have success.

1. Find what you’re passionate about! You will be writing heaps so you need to enjoy it.

2. Start with a free month of Wealthy Affiliate. A month is long enough to know if you will be disciplined enough to stick with it and learn.

3. Now decide! Ask yourself this is question! Am I ready to commit to learning in order to be able to work from home with a job I have made for myself?

This won’t work if you think its about lounging around beside the pool clicking on an order or two. You must be prepared to give it your time and energy in order to achieve success.

I wish you well with your endeavors. If you decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate I will be your sponsor. That means I get to be the first person you meet on the platform.


Working from home can be fun. Learn how to run your business via an online store.

Wrinkle Free Natural Moisturiser

Want to try something that is as clean as can be. If you are slapping on the moisturiser at least 3 times a day as I recommend then choosing a cream that has no additives is a wise move to help reduce toxic load.

Here is a simple and effective recipe to save you money and keep the nasty additives at bay.

Lou Lou Skin DIY Moisturiser

  1. Ingredients
  1. 1/2 cup shea butter (4 oz)
  2. 2 TB nourishing oil such as: jojoba, avocado, apricot, sweet almond oil, or grapeseed oil.
  3. 10 drops lavender essential oil
  4. 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  5. 3 drops Frankinsense essential oil
  6. 3 drops tea tree essential oil (clarifying)

Do some research if you like on what essential oils work for skin care. Frankincense and Lavender are the most popular. They are called the King and the Queen of essential oils. You could add these other oils.

Helichrysum (nourishing), or Carrot Seed (sun protection). Make sure the total amount of Essential oils added to the mixture is no more than 25-30 drops.


  1. In a double boiler (a glass bowl over a pot filled 1/4 the way full with water), over medium-low heat, melt the Shea butter. Add in the nourishing skin oil. Turn off the heat. (I use my Thermomix for this process because it heats and stirs at the same time).
  2. Pour into a bowl (I use my Thermomix bowl so I just take it off and put it straight into the fridge). Place in the fridge or freezer and allow to cool and become a solid (not hard) form. This takes around 15-20 minutes
  3. Once it has become opaque and slightly firm, take your bowl out of the freezer. Now add in the essential oils you have chosen. Using the whisk attachment on your mixer or Thermomix at a slower speed. You can also use a whisk with fork versus a mixer. This takes just just a few seconds. Don’t over-whip.
  4. Scoop into a jar and store at room temp. Apply generously to both body and face as desired.