Are you ready to make your own DIY Oil creations?

DIY Essentials and Accessories

There’s nothing like knowing where everything is and having the right tools for the job.

Maybe now you’re excited about making your own DIY skin care or home cleaning products. That means you need some items before you get started.  Just to make it easy I’ve put together a collection of useful tools and accessories you will need. I’ve also put in some links to online stores to buy them from.

Having the right tools makes all the difference as does having the ingredients on hand. Shopping on line for these accessories and tools will save you money in fuel and time.

Finding everything especially if you don’t live in a large city is time consuming.  Keep in mind though that whilst its fine to buy these types of tools and accessories on Amazon. Oils ain’t Oils and doTerra offers the purest essential oils on the market. They also give back to the communities that grow the oils so your dollars are funding others who are  in need.

If you haven’t got one already you will need a DIY book.  The Modern Essentials is highly recommended.  It has all the up to date oils and blends from doTerra. This is the latest 2019 edition.  It is a premium book for an awesome product. Comes in hard cover and soft cover. Paper Back only $46.22.

To begin with you will need things like Castle Soap. You can buy Castle Soap generally at chemists and health food outlets but I found I paid pretty much the same price for a smaller bottle.

Naissance Certified Organic Liquid Castile Soap 1 Litre – Natural, Fragrance Free, Vegan, SLS and SLES Free. Just  Naissance Certified     Organic Liquid Castile Soap 1 Litre – Natural, Fragrance Free, Vegan, SLS and SLES Free   Buy Now $34.99

Castile Liquid Soap Organic

You will also need Citric Acid.  This one that’s not so easy to find at the grocery outlets. The brand and size I have linked you to is 500 grams which should be ample to begin with but you will be able to find smaller or larger amounts on this site. Buy for $14.99     500g Citric Acid Food Grade Anhydrous GMO Free Preservative Powder Bag c6h807

Bi Carb soda is cheapest bought at wholefood or health food outlets however if you want to get all this shopping done in one hit then try this one.    400g Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade Bicarb Baking Soda Hydrogen Carbonate Bag       $15.99

Now the fun begins.  Of course you need some tools and storage jars and little roll on bottles for your own blended mixes.

The best buy on Amber bottles is this one is from Wedama.  Amber coloured bottles protect your oil blends from light damage. This pack of bottles should have everything you need to keep you going for some time.

Glass Spray Bottle, Wedama Amber 10 Glass Spray Bottle Set(16/4/2oz), 6 10 ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles Kits with & Accessories for Aromatherapy Facial hydration Watering Flowers Hair Care‘  Bargain Price $24.99

To make mixing and pouring easier you’re definitely going to need some mini funnels to help pour your precious oils.  This is essential for anyone making oil blends or DIY products.

The first time I created an oil blend at home I ended up with coconut oil and essential oils all over my kitchen bench. An expensive mistake.  The below tool is an absolute must.

A beautiful timber box to keep your oils in one safe place.  You can’t go past timber for looks. I like this one because its already oiled and has deep storage.  Essential Oil Storage Box Organizer 62 Bottle – 2 Carry Handles – Holds 5-30ml & 10ml Rollers      Worth the purchase at $58.24

Once you’re addicted to oils –  that’s if your not already – then you will be taking them with you everywhere you go.  A holiday won’t be the same without them so a secure travel bag is the answer to avoid any messy breakages. Check out the Pacmaxi 54 Bottles Essential Oil Storage Carrying Case With Clear Accessories.

This one is awesome especially if you plan to show off your oils.

Pocket-Three-layer Paisley Essential Oil Carrying Storage Bag Holds 10ml, 15ml and Roller Bottles (Paisley Red) For Just  $45.79

If that’s too big for you try this one.  The Luxja bag is a mid size that carry’s up to 12 bottles and rollers.   $31.41

Luxja Essential Oil Carrying Case – Holds 12 Bottles (5ml-15ml, Also Fits for Roller Bottles), Essential Oil Bag for Essential Oil and Small Accessories, Black 

Essential Oil carry cae

If that’s even too big for you try the little.

One last thing to make your oil life beautiful.  The JACKCUBE DESIGN- Essential Oil Storage Wooden Tray Organizer (Set of 2) will have you reaching for you favourite essential oil.

Perfect for your office or Bathroom.    Buy for just $24.99

JACKCUBE DESIGN- Essential Oil Storage Wood Tray Organizer Oil Rack Display Set of 2 

So now you have it all.  Once your package arrives the magical oils will become a new hobby for you. Making all those scrumptious and chemical free household cleaners and skin care products. Your house will smell amazing and you will sleep easy knowing nothing is harming your family.

There are more accessories like Home and Car Diffusers & Lava Rock beads but that’s for another post.