Essential Oils – How to guide for basic uses.

Just how should you use Essential Oils.  Some are fearful as they have heard over use or ingesting can be dangerous.  Essential Oils are beautifully addictive but here’s how I use them.

I would like to start by explaining how I became involved with Essential Oils as it was quite unintentionally.  I had heard of doTerra – the leading Essential Oil distributor – and had seen some of their products but was never particularly drawn to finding out more because I didn’t understand the benefits of using essential oils.

I was encouraged to check out a link by a relative which lead to me becoming involved with essential oils and I haven’t looked back since.  I’m fascinated with the science behind why they work.  Read about it yourself here it makes sense and its helped me change many things about my life. I believe that makes it worth taking the time to find out how essential oils can help you.

Why do I love them?

Firstly, I love the fact that the company I have chosen to affiliate with is giving back to those in need on this planet.  They provide for the communities that grow and distill the oils and help in meaningful ways like building schools, improving water etc. They also actively engage in anti-slavery activities and provide protection for those who have been abused by this disgusting trade.

How have essential oils have changed my life?

Lack of sleep is the one of the most anti-aging problems you will need to sort out if you are not getting enough.  Previously I was waking in the night and couldn’t shut down my mind.  Now I keep a roll on Lavender bottle next to my bed and before going to sleep I rub lavender blend on my wrists and inhale it deeply while going to sleep.  I have  almost eliminated restlessness at night with this oil. Another great sleeping oil is Cedarwood. Pop it in the shower if you shower at night or diffuse while you drift off to sleep.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is perfect to inhale if you have trouble sleeping.

Do It Yourself Healthy Living

I use these products daily for cleaning instead of chemicals.  There are some pre-made concentrated cleaners that can be purchased from doTerra or you can mix your own.  Because these oils are quite powerful they are a very effective cleaners. Why not begin to reduce the toxic load in your body?   Did you realise if you use chemicals in your shower you are now inhaling them every time you take a shower? There are some alternative options which are just as powerful.  For a treat I like splash oils in my shower but you can actually buy diffusers for the shower too. doTerra have pages full of natural alternatives like cleaning solutions, body scrubs, hair conditioners. Click on the link on the title above and you can read about 100 ways to use Essential Oils in your home.

DIY is fun but you need items before you get started. I’ve created a blog with links to purchase items on line.

Help with productivity at work

I use a Diffuser through the day while I’m working. I choose oil blends called Elevation and Motivation. This helps to keep me motivated and focused on the task at hand.  My productivity level increases dramatically if my diffuser is switched on and working away silently in the background.  Working at home can sometimes be a distraction so it’s important to maintain focus. Check out some of the ways this can be done.

One of my favourite oil products is called Salubelle. I use it in my skin routine by applying it every morning on my face and neck.  Salubelle helps to moisturise and provide protection as an anti aging and skin refining blend.  You can read all about Salubelle here.  I have written and am still writing many posts about each oil I love so you can find out about my favourites.

How do Essential Oils work?

Essential oils  are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver healing properties to the systems in our bodies that control our physiological state. They can change our physical, mental and emotional well-being by stimulating our bodies processes for the good. Essential oils pass through our skin and into our cells.  They a lipid soluble which means they are able to get into your cells.  Amazing science if you haven’t read it yet its worth a read.


There are a few different ways to absorb these therapeutic oils .  One through inhalation either by applying to the skin or wafting a beautiful scent into the air via a diffuser. This method of absorption is through the tiny follicles in your nose which in turn send a message to your brain.  This is what is called the Olfactory system.

Topical Application

The second method is when essential oils are applied to the skin, this method is where their healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream by the pores and hair follicles.  In the bloodstream, they will find the specific organ and start to strengthen and do their work supporting that organ. The quickest way using this method to get those oils into the blood stream is to place the oils on the bodies Pulse Points. The Pulse Points are on your wrists, temples, back of the knees and the back of the neck.

Each oil has its recommended usage and application. However doTerra have made many combinations of oil blends to help you to decide which is the best choice for you. There are so many to choose from but why not send me an email and I’ll advise on where to go next.

To find out about how doTerra is supporting communities please check out the My Wellness Essentials.  I referred to this link at the start of this article. You can read for yourself  this wonderful way we can give back to those in need.


Already know about essential oils and just want to shop.

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