What is an Essential Oil?

The easy version

Essential oils are lipids. Meaning they are soluble and can enter the bodies cells via the blood stream. This is unique there are many medicines that cannot enter the cells. Nor do we probably want them to. Essential oils definitely can have an effect on our bodies but should be used with knowledge. Knowing which oils to use for an ailment and the right way to use the oil is the responsibility of the user. So that being said this site helps anyone want to know how to use essential oils for skincare, health, their pets and every day use around the home.
The Scientific Version
An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile (easily evaporated at normal temperatures) chemical compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An essential oil
is “essential” in the sense that it contains the “essence of” the
plant’s fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which
it is derived.[1]

How are Essential oils made?

Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam. Other processes include expression, solvent extraction, sfumatura, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping, wax embedding, and cold pressing. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products, for flavoring food and drink, and for adding scents to incense
and household cleaning products. Essential Oils should not be confused
with Perfume, Fragrance, etc. as the latter usually include pure
chemical components whereas essential oils are derived from plants.

What are Essential Oils used for?

Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to aromatic compounds. Aromatherapy may be useful to induce relaxation and healing used in conjunction with carrier oils and practitioner advice. Essential oils are famous for DIY cleaning products, skin care regimes, pest control, animal health, alternative healing and cooking.

Are all Essential Oils the same?

No in short they are not! Pure Essential Oils will cost more but be better value for money. Many of the cheaper varieties are mixed with carrier oils and other chemicals in order to keep the cost down. So beware! You get what you pay for!

Where can I buy Essential Oils online?

There are a multitude of sites you can go to whereby you can order your oils and have them sent to your home. Trouble is most people don’t know where to begin. What oils should you start with? Read on and I’ll help you choose the right one for you.

Or maybe you know what you want and just want to shop. Here’s the link.

What Essential oil to use for What?

This is a huge topic. If I even began to put it all this information into this article you would stop reading in about one minute. So here’s the easiest and most cost effective way to get started. Down load the Essential Oil app called ‘The Essential Life’. There is a small yearly subscription fee however the first week is free for you to give it a trial. It’s well worth the $7.95 a year in my opinion,
This app will is a quick easy way to refer to oils when you’re on-the-go or at home. There are alternative oils for every aliment and hundreds of remedies. Remember just as not one medicine is used for an ailment so to with Essentials oils. The first one you choose may not work for you! Be patient, try the next one on the list until you get a result. Here’s a quick run down from the makers.

Get expert oil solutions from your phone anytime, anywhere!
The Essential Life app makes it easy to get essential oil recommendations on-the-go.
Here’s what it offers:
Over 6000 oil uses, solutions, ailments and recipes
Compilation of advice from wellness experts
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Where to next for you?

This is a quick read to help you understand a little more about essential oils. There is a lot of information out there and I don’t pretend I have the answer to everything or know about every oil. My journey with oils is very much reliant on being able to find information and decipher the correct use. I’m still learning just like you but maybe a little further in on the journey.
This site is easy to navigate so you can get your answers as quickly as you can. I’m always writing blogs that means you’re bound to find something on topic for you.
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