My Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss and Wellness does it really matter if you are too heavy?

 Yes it matters very much if you need to loose weight.  Your skin will improve and for me my back pain has been reduced. I have more energy and I sleep better now too. Plus what a confidence booster to shed those unwanted kilo’s.

What a touchy subject it is though for us over 50’s especially women. There are so many diets and advisers out there its hard to know what is right for you.

I’ve been following fads and diets regimes for some time now. In fact it all started unnecessarily for me at age 16.  I began by following a low carb diet back then.  It was easier than counting calories and I knew I had to reduce my bread intake so low carb seemed the best option for me. Little did I realise I set my self up for weight gain on and off for the rest of my life.

Since then I’ve done Sure slim in my 40’s and lost around 8 Kilo’s this took about 6 weeks but it stayed off for a couple of years.

I’ve done juice fasting and in particular carrot and celery juice. You feel amazing but gosh its pretty hard to just drink and not eat.

I’ve tried shakes of all makes and descriptions. They work for a short time but I quickly become bored and give in.

I have done the HCG Protocol successfully 3 times now in the last decade.  It’s a tough one but you can loose around 7 to 10 kilos in 3 weeks and keep it off if you are disciplined.  HCG requires drops and a very drastically reduced calorie intake.  As low as 500 but to be honest you will loose weight if you stick to 700 to 800 a day.  You will look amazing at the end and your skin will thank you too!

HGC protocol needs to be bought in the country you live in.  In Australia I recommend Changing Habits.  In the US HCG Triumph. These companies provide drops, support, support products like recipe books and loads of important information you need to read before embarking on the protocol.

My hot tip is preparation is the key. This is not the sort of diet you start Monday after reading about it on Sunday.  You need to buy the drops (that really work very well by the way).  Cooking up a storm before being in your loading days will serve you very well. When you are hungry it’s so easy to grab a dinner from the fridge.  Also if you work it makes it easy and affordable to take your lunch to work.

As is buying low calorie stock to drink if you get super hungry some days.

I also recommend MCT oil in your coffee first thing.  It will tide you over till lunch.

Good luck more posts to come.