How to Buy a Thermomix TM6

The Thermomix is an amazing Kitchen appliance that will replace around 20 items you may want or already have in your kitchen. Owning a Thermomix means you have the ability to cook like a chef. This will astound not only you, but your family and friends.

With a Thermomix on your bench cooking from scratch will be a cinch. The added benefit is reducing additives from pre-packed foods that are affecting your health and your skin. Imagine how much your family will love the food you can whip up without stress in a very short time.

Can I buy a Thermomix without a Demo

So now that Co-vid 19 pandemic has catapulted us into buying everything online. Does this mean you can now buy a brand new Thermomix online without having an in home demonstration?

You don’t have to have a demo to buy. Just connect with a consultant and put in your order. However do read on as things have changed. If you would like to connect just click here.

How do I buy a Thermomix

Thermomix consultants are now offering a Cooking Experience (demo) for you and your friends in a quick 50 minute presentation using video technology. All you need is an internet connection and a couple of friends to join in and watch with you. You can watch on your phone or laptop. Most consultants use a product called Zoom as this allows easy sharing of the screen.

Learn about the WiFi connectivity to expand your world of recipes to over 15,000. That’s right, 15,000+ English recipes that zoom straight into your home in this outstanding appliance. You will learn how to cook your favourite recipe or use its automated functions and be guided by the TM6 then you can kick back and relax.

Hosting an online cooking experience gives you a chance to ask questions, find out about purchasing options and be inspired to cook things you thought were not possible. You can also choose from some awesome host rewards for being the host of an online Cooking Experience.

So is the $2269.00 AU price tag that includes everything you need, really worth it? Read on and you decide.

Find out about how you can reduce the price and even earn a Thermomix.

There are plenty of options for purchase including the option to earn your Thermomix by showing your friends and offering this amazing appliance to them. There is also a standard 24 months interest free option that spreads the payments out. This works out to be around $19.00 per week.

The best thing about buying a Thermomix that is often not mentioned in reviews is the consultant. Thermomix wants all their customers to be very satisfied with their purchase. So they train passionate people to demonstrate and inspire customers and show the benefits of owning a Thermomix. What other appliance comes with a real person that helps you unbox your machine, connects you to support and recipes instantly?

Add to that your consultant will love to supply cooking inspiration and is there for you when things might not go to plan? The Thermomix sales model ensures the customer is very well supported along with allowing consultants to earn income.

Since its release the TM6 has upgraded with new functions 3 times at no cost to customers.

Now Thermomix Australia consultants can deliver your Thermomix to you online with Zoom or Skype. So this means customers can choose more convenient times to learn how to cook and connect at the delivery of their Thermomix.

Find a short recipe and your consultant will help you cook dinner that night?

Should I buy a Thermomix?

This is a question that can only be answered by you when you make an informed choice. Here is some food for thought.

Would you like an appliance that will chop, mince, beat, knead, whip, weigh, emulsify, steam, crush, grate, stir, saute, stew, braise, mince or mill?

Then you can give away all the other kitchen appliances taking up room in the cupboards.

Would you like to be guided in your cooking and then set and forget till times up so you can do other chores or sit on the couch while the TM6 cooks for you?

What could you do when you have a spare set of hands cooking for you in the kitchen?

Would you like to cook from scratch and avoid the nasty additives in processed food?

Your body and skin will love you for doing this! Not to mention your families health!

Would you like the option of having a Yogurt Maker, Slow Cooker, Sous Vide or a Rice Cooker?

These appliances take up a lot of room in the kitchen but no more with a Thermomix.

These are just some of the benefits. There are many more! The best thing is to at least judge after you’ve seen the Thermomix in action. Try by giving 50 mins of your time. You can’t taste the food online but you can observe and ask questions.

Or maybe you already know you want one! So whats next?

Learn about all the above functions and how to access everything you need to know about the Thermomix. For a no obligation chat or to book a Cooking Experience. Email: