Great Skin – Over 50 needs to be earned!

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It’s rare that anyone who doesn’t look after their skin will have good skin after this age.  All is not lost though if your skin is looking a little tired.  With today’s technology you can turn back the clock on your skin by using a few products that are very effective.

So what are The Best Skin Care Products – Over 50’s women and men?

I’ve been using age defying products now for the last few years and can’t believe the difference when I look back at photo’s prior to using night masks and oils.

Skin care needs to be a very simple regime! 

Why because most of us won’t or can’t spend a lot of time applying lots of products. I use only a few products in my skin care regime.

Just a few simple steps to glowing, smooth skin.

  1. I scrub my face every couple of days in the shower with an  Invigorating scrub this product can be used all over your body if you wish.
  2. I use a night cream (which is like a mask) at night and it does an amazing job on my skin while I sleep. This product is the most effective cream I have ever used.  
  3. In the morning after I wash off the mask I use Salubelle oil and then Neora Age IQ day moisturizer after the oil has soaked in about 10 minutes later.
  4. If I wear makeup or sometimes in winter if I find my skin is less hydrated I skip the scrub and use  AGE IQ  moisturising cleanser.

That’s all!

Its a simple to follow routine using as natural as can be using effective products.

Not sure where to start.

If I had to choose one thing to begin with it would be Neora AGE IQ night cream (mask))

 Neora Night Cream is highly recomended I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and my skin has never looked as good as this since age 40. 

Would you like a free 4 day sample of Neora Night Cream?

Tell me which area of your face you would like to treat. Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

Check out the before and After Photos.

Taken May 2017

Lou Lou Skin
Taken Nov 2019

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