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Lou Lou Skin is not just about skin.  Its the whole gambit on this journey of wellness and self discovery.  Most of us are interested in better health so we spend time in the search  for information on how to stay healthy, look good and feel great.  I  know I’m not alone. Why? Pick up a regular magazine, what’s it all about?  Wellness, Skin Care, caring for your body and your mind. This site addresses those issues focusing on Bio Hacking, Essential Oils and choosing a clean skin care rante as an alternative to chemical laden creams and medicines.

Skin Care for everyone made easy

I’ve been caring for my skin ever since I was a young teenager in fact I remember buying Yves Rocher products from a magazine and feeling so excited when the box of goodies arrived. So began my love of looking after my skin.  Its funny that it took till I was in my 50’s for me to realise this is my true passion.  Its the one thing in my life that I have consistently maintained and invested in. 
There are seven layers to your skin so we can definitely make a difference to how it looks by caring for it. But the truth is, if putting products on your skin is all you do it’s like only taking half your medication when you’re sick.  Healthy on the inside is even more important.  Not to mention your state of mind that needs to be cared for as well.  So having said that skin care is my passion so too is general health, mindful well being and controlling my weight. These ever present issues have become top priority for me too because of the huge impact they have had on my life.

Looking young and feeling great.

Its no secret that many of us battle with the same issues. We all want to look forever young but gravity takes over, aging creates changes in our bodies and we begin to really notice things we don’t like about ourselves. We notice the negative things and this creates a cycle that can get out of control. The self hate cycle, you know the one where you catch yourself thinking I’m just getting old.  Given that most of us are battling these negatives some of the topics I write about are:

Bio Hacking – turn back time,

The dreaded Wrinkles,

Internal and external Stress,

Work issues – The 9 to 5 Slog and how you can get out of it.

Flipping those concerns on their back and taking control in your life can and  will make a huge difference to how you look and your confidence.  Easier said than done I’m hearing you say. Consistency is the key.  Not becoming obsessive . Investing your time, money and energy into what is important to you.

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Essential Oils

I’ve experimented with Essential Oils for mindfulness and well being.  Essential Oils are also helping me to reduce the toxic load on my system by minimizing the amount of chemical exposure. I use them to clean my house and my body. But even more importantly they lift my spirits and enable me to focus. The science behind why Essential Oils work is very interesting and its not some new fan-dangle idea.  People have been using oils like Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh and many other oils for centuries even thousands of years.  So my thoughts to begin with were ‘why not find out why’, they seem to work! I have been pleasantly surprised. They have now become such an intrinsic part of my life I wonder how I lived without them.

Skin Care

We focus on the best skin care for women over 50s but the products and information is for everyone.  Finding products that actually make a difference in your life is time consuming and expensive.  There are so many out there its hard to know which ones to choose.  So I’ve gathered together in one place the products I use to help maintain my skin.  Check out the before and after photo’s. I’ve had to be brave it up and put out my not so best times just so you can compare.

Exercise and stretching

I’ve been walking my way into healthy habits for years. My daily routine includes a 30 min walk on my local beach with the dogs. Its such an awesome way to begin the day. Sorry to say though. It’s not enough so I’m creating daily Exercise habits for flexibility and inner core strength by using a Yoga app and incorporating some Yoga into my routine.


A healthy mind shows on your face.  I know this because recently I went through hard times at work. I’ve done quite a bit of soul searching in my down times and found once I picked myself up (with help) and got back onto the horse so to speak I started getting complements on how I look again.

This has lead me to realise I need to incorporate mind health into my regime. So once again with the aid of an app I’m implementing the  practice of Meditation to enable me to focus on what is important in my life and ultimately reducing my stress. Meditation is not the emptying of your mind like I was taught to believe. Rather its the control of your mind.  Keeping your mind in the present. Not allowing it to wander off on its own little tangent. Just ten minutes a day and you’ll find its an amazing way to improve your mind health and  increase your ability to achieve your dreams.


Trust is a magical word and while on the internet no doubt you’ve noticed you can’t trust that the site you are on really cares about your experience as a customer.

I use the products that I promote so you can trust that this site is not just any old website selling whatever people find cheap or trendy. I believe in my choices and feel its only fair to share the secrets.

I’m currently 59 and most people say I don’t look my age. I have all the ailments everyone else does.  I wear Glasses and even Hearing Aids, I suffer from Arthritis and have had Back issues recently that have changed my life and how I have to work permanently.

Even though I’m now allowing my natural grey hair to shine through being a grandmother and choosing to embrace grey hair does not make me an old granny. Its the consistent habits of caring for my skin and body and what’s on the inside that shows through and keeps me looking young.

Lou Lou

Skin Care and Health for over 50s

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